Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hi Cindy

I'm still not sure about Blogger: I can see you've made a new post but I can't find it.
As far as this one goes, I think that people are still likely to show their "best face" on a webcam or photos. Sure , yu've got a bit more to go on, at least you can see you are talking to a woman in her 20's rather than an 13 year old bored teenager guy pretending to be a woman in her 20's , but you don't have a lot more. I think the realtionship is still going to hange more on what you say than what you lok like!

I hope this is going better for you. You sounded pretty concerned about it last Tuesday. I finally have mine finished, excpet for a bit of tidying up. Whew!

Hope to see you tomorrow.



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