Sunday, May 21, 2006

Could you please give me some advice?

Hi everyone,
I read all your blogs just now. It seems everyone is clear about what to write and even already had some information about this. I am really happy to see that but have a lot of pressure:(
I still have no idea about my final essay:-( I thought I would like to do something about children(although I am not sure what aspacts I should focus on). Rosemary gave me another interesting idea about online communication.Could you please give me some advice about the two topics?Which one should I choose?It's a hard decision:(
I am looking forword to reading your ideas.Thanks a lot!


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Maryka said...

Dear Cindy
Deciding on an essay's topic should be your own and not anyone else's.
It all depends on what is more interesting to you – writing about children and the Internet in the context of the Internet and everyday life , could be taken from your own point of view as a teacher in the age where internet is penetrating all areas of our lives including education. You could write about your experiences as a teacher, and frame these experiences in the wider framework of the theoretical notions we have touched on in the course
Alternatively you could say that for now, in a time when you are not teaching, but are a student living in a new country away from your family, the Internet and everyday life for you is the communications and keeping family ties over the internet.
To help you decide you may want to ask yourself – what does the internet mean for me now ?
Hope that helps
Would you like to meet with Rosemary or me or both of us ?

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Sheba said...

Hi Cindy

I agree with Mary...."the decision is urs"...(altho I fully understand that choosin a topic 2 write abt is quite difficult)...
However, am happy 2 help anytime..if u need... :-)


(Don panic..u'll be fine)


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